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iDOC Sales Management DOC Software

iDOC is the market leading Sales DOC software solution for automotive dealerships, that tracks all sales and F&I activity, manufacturer & business objectives, provides class leading analytical reporting and much more....


What is iDOC?

iDOC the next generation of sales management tools built for today's dealerships using the latest in cloud technology. It is much more than just a deal book or DOC solution, it's designed to be intuitive, logical and easy to use. iDOC replaces the need for dealerships having to use multiple spreadsheets and other systems to track their performances whether its unit sales, profit, F&I, bonuses or manufacturer's targets. One cloud-based system records, stores and delivers reports on all aspects of the sales departments activities. 


iDOC's structure has enabled us to build a state-of-the-art system that delivers groundbreaking features and functionality that is proven to help managers manage their dealerships, gain greater business insight, dramatically improve time efficiencies and improve profitability.

iDOC Features



A well-designed dashboard is a remarkable information management tool. iDOC's real-time dashboard allows managers to track and monitor actual sales performances across all areas and compare them against the businesses key KPI's and metrics. This is achieved by laying out all information into simple clear tables and charts, which allows the managers to quickly absorb and understand their performance at a glance.

Reporting Suite

Getting the right information to the right people at the right time in the best format is critical. iDOC's reporting suite utilises all of the data collected, converting it into a 360-degree view of your Sales Department, identifying areas of strength and weakness, profit opportunities, customer buying behaviour and market trends. The data is displayed in easy to understand visual dashboards and reporting formats, which can be printed, saved or emailed.

Add-On Resolicitation

Add-on product sales are an essential part of the profitability of any business. Not only are Add-on’s important to the bottom line, they are also essential for aiding customer retention. iDOC's built in product resolicitation module revisits all missed product sales opportunities. The system completes the task automatically, simply choose the template, choose whether you want to re-solicit by sending an email or letter, the system then takes care of the rest.

Marketing Suite

Marketing changes happen so quickly, iDOC's fully integrated marketing module makes communicating with select customer/prospect groups from with your iDOC database easy. Within minutes of receiving a manufacturer offer or internal marketing campaign, iDOC can deliver your message via email, letter or SMS to specified target groups - giving you a competitive advantage over the competition.

Automated Pay Plans

iDOC's automated pay plan module takes all the headache and time out of having to calculate sales executives commissions at the end of each month. The pay plan module is dynamic so the pay plans are configured to your businesses criteria. Once the criteria have been set the system takes care of the rest. The pay plan structures are fully compliant with the FCA guidelines on remuneration.


Third party system integrations deliver major benefits to user experience, iDOC is built on an open architecture which enables integration with CRM / Sales Lead Management and DMS systems, which means data can flow seamlessly from one system to another, reducing the need for double keying information.

Key Benefits

Improve time efficiencies & increase revenue

One point data entry, Fully Integrated System
  • No need for spreadsheets or other logs

  • Store all sales data in one system

  • Handles all customer & transaction types

Manufacturer Objectives 
  • Tracks manufacturers sale objectives 

  • Tracks all registration types

  • Automatically reconcile bonuses

Real-Time Management Information
  • View a huge array of reports 

  • Better sales insight & customer trends

  • Make better-informed business decisions

  • Keep ahead of the competition

Sales Pay Plans
  • Sales commissions are calculated instantly

  • Commission statements can be printed, saved & emailed

  • Management time greatly saved

Add-On Resolicitation
  • Ensures every customer is offered products

  • Drives additional add-on sales & revenue

  • Generates revenue opportunity reports

  • Build dynamic marketing campaigns

  • SMS & Email functionality

  • Communicate any message to any customer

  • Data stored in secure data centres

  • 256-bit encryption ensures data is kept secure

  • Full database backup

Continual System Improvements
  • Proactively improving & adding more functionality​



sales doc


hidden INSIGHTs

sales management doc


sales lead management



Why choose iDOC?

Request A Personal Web Demo

Get a demo of iDOC over the internet at a time that suits

What to expect:
  • 30-minute video meeting with one of our team

  • Discuss your current business processes & requirements

  • Carry out a tailored iDOC system walk through

What our customers are saying...

We have been using iDOC for the past year and it has become an integral part of the day to day running of our business. The system is so easy to use and has enabled us to have instant reports on all sales and finance activity all at the click of a button.

Chris Hunsley

 Managing Director, Lexus Sheffield

iDOC has really helped us improve our group profitability across all areas of the sales arena. It has aided us to quickly identify real-time areas of weaknesses within the business and focus on key opportunities to improve profitability.

Barry Ives

 Managing Director, Toomeys

iDOC has been a great investment for us. Not only does it deliver real insight into every aspect of our sales department performances, it also saves my managers a lot of valuable time. iDOC is a must for any dealer, I can safely say we would be lost without it.

Carl Baldwin

 Managing Director, Bentleys

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